About us

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As riders ourselves, we wanted to build a site that reflected the majority of horse owners and riders in the UK. The reality of 5am feeds, muddy wellies and a constant battle to do the very best you can for your horse.
So here we are :)
Managed by a core team of 3 humans and a gaggle of four legged friends we hope that as a  team of riders, horse owners, competitors and business owners we can continue to develop and build this site to really be the best equestrian site out there for every Rider Like You.
About Us - founders story

Riders Like Me founders story

Riders Like Me was a figment of our imaginations and wishes for almost 2 years before we went into build.

Over many a glass of wine we sat with friends and always ended up talking about a website where we could find events easily, enter them simply and share that info with friends. A site where we could buy and sell kit without the danger or uncertainty of current sites or methods. A place where we could find honest and impartial reviews and information, and more importantly a site that was built By Riders, For Riders.

So, rather than simply sit and dream about this site we decided to put it into action. After months  of research and and fine tuning we appointed a world class web build agency who have spent the past year learning all there is to know about horse breeds, worming queries and the differences between what works for ‘normal people’ and what works for riders!!

We hope you enjoy the site, and that it enhances life with your horse and your horsey friends. After all, that was the vision all those years and glasses of wine ago.


Riders Like Me Team

About Us - Michelle

Name: Michelle West

Job Title: Co-founder

Yard Duties: Pretty much everything. As they say Jack of all trades…

Likes: Prosecco, Haribo and onesies

Dislikes: Mornings and clipping

Special Skills: Supergroom (due to previously living with a pro eventer and being roped into free grooming a lot!)

Most likely to be saying: Dotty get off/come here/shut up/get down

About Us. Julia

Name: Julia Close

Title: Co-founder

Yard Duties: Mucking in with everything.

Likes: Mavis, my lorry and Capri Sun

Dislikes: Any XC course over 80cm and tack cleaning

Special Skills: Forgetting to use battery isolater

Most likely to be saying: “Show Conditions!” whilst attempting to school with loose dogs/DIYing neighbour, hurricane conditions etc.etc.

About Us - Mike

Name: Mike West

Job Title: Digital Executive

Yard Duties: Dotty’s personal taxi

Likes: Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Especially at the pub!! Golf

Dislikes: Golf

Special Skills: World’s worst darts player. Shouting so loud at the TV the footballers can actually hear me

Most likely to be saying: “Who’s making the tea??” or “Have you tried turning it on and off again?”

About Us - Lexi

Name: Lexi

Job Title: Therapist

Yard Duties: Listening to any moans or groans

Likes: Sleeping and her pregnant best friend Brooke

Dislikes: Polo’s! She spits them out

Special Skills: She’ll never divulge your secrets

Most likely to be saying: “zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…..”

About Us - Grace

Name: Grace

Job Title: Cover Girl

Yard Duties: Playground buddy

Likes: Hacking out with the dogs for company

Dislikes: Being tied up to the lorry

Special Skills: Looking groomed even if a body brush has just been waved in her general direction (unlike Lexi and Jack)

Most likely to be saying: “What are we doing today Mum?”

About Us - Jack

Name: Jack

Job Title: Test Dummy

Yard Duties: Testing the durability of all of the electric fencing…

Likes: Food, escaping, more food, jumping

Dislikes: Work. Especially dressage!

Special Skills: Dragging unsuspecting victims around the yard on the end of a lead rope like rag dolls

Most likely to be saying: I’m starving

About Us - Eva

Name: Eva

Job Title: Muck spreader

Yard Duties: Collecting lost overreach boots on the yard and distributing as much dirt around as possible

Likes Investigating: All the stables for possible food and hacking out with the horses

Dislikes: The wash bay

Special skills: Importing stable contents into the office

Most likely to be saying: ” What smell……?”

About Us - Bertie

Name: Bertie

Job Title: Expert course walker (water jumps a speciality)

Yard Duties: Pathfinding any jump course

Likes: Mike and hacking out with the horses

Dislikes: The lorry windscreen wipers and staying still for too long

Special skills: Embarrassingly better at most showjumping courses than the horses

Most likely to be saying: “Lets go!”

Name: Rosco

Job Title: Trainee

Yard Duties: Digging holes in the sand school

Likes: Eating shoes, escaping and Dotty

Dislikes: Balloons

Special Skills: Chewing furniture

Most likely to be saying: Wasn’t me…

About Us - Dotty

Name: Dotty

Job Title: Head of Security

Yard Duties: Barking at any person/car/object/TV channel

Likes: Ikea toy rats, digging and barking

Dislikes: Hoovers, sitting on the floor, rain

Special Skills: Daily 2pm poo breaks like clockwork

Most likely to be saying: “INTRUDER!! INTRUDER!!”