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Tack Room


How do I register for free with Riders Like Me?

Registration is in three simple steps.
1. From the home page choose if you are a Rider or Equestrian Business (including Trainers, Instructors,  Judges and Event Organisers). You can register in more than one section but you will need different email addresses. This is so that if you are using the site as a business or event organiser, your professional profile or event venue/club or society will show, rather than your personal profile. If you are registering on behalf of a club/society or event venue, please use your Club/society or event venue email address. You cannot have multiple registrations in individual sections. (See our Terms and Conditions for more information.)

2. Fill in your registration details and click on Submit. You are now a member of the Riders Like Me Community.

3. You will need to complete your profile in your Tack Room. This is your external profile, always available to edit and the way that other members will be able to find and connect with you. To do this, click on the Profile Tab in My Tack Room. Click the Edit button. By choosing your club, society, discipline and location, your friends and other members will be able to find and connect with you. You can choose which information can be seen by others under each field. Save your changes and then add a photo by clicking on the Change Profile Photo button. This photo and the name you have registered with will appear when you use the site.


How do I get the most out of My Tack Room and connect with other Riders Like Me?

Activity displays your friend connections and Event activity .You can also update your status and it will post to your friends Activity page.
Clicking Favourite under a post in your Activity feed saves it to your Favourite button in Activity. You can then track any items that are important to you.
Friends shows your friends’ activity on the site.
Groups shows any activity that happens in groups where you are a member.


How do I find and connect with other Riders Like Me?

Find Riders, businesses or event organisers in your area, club/association or by name through the Friends tab – Search Friends in your Tack Room. You will then have your own Riders Like Me community set up and ready to go.

Your Friends tab also shows you who you have connected with and any pending Friend Requests.


How do I find out the latest activity on Riders Like Me?

Click on Notifications in your Tack Room and get instant information about the latest activity


Where do I message other Riders?

Use messages in your Tack Room to message your friends and respond to messages.  You can add photo’s by uploading your files.


Can I create my own groups on Riders Like Me?

Yes, you can create as many groups as you need. In your Tack Room you have the capability of setting up and managing your groups.
To create your group, go to Groups in your Tack Room and then click on Create Group.
* Complete the details for your group.
* Choose your privacy settings
* Choose if you wish your group to have a Forum
You can then select people to invite from your list of friends

Once your group is created you can set up a Forum just for your group, check your membership, send invites to new members and manage your group admin.

How do I find and join a group?

Go to your Tack Room and click on your Groups Tab.  You will then see a Find Groups tab. Click on that and you will see a list of all the groups on the site.  If they are public, you can click join group.  If they are private you will need to click on Request Membership.  The Group Admin will review your request and if they confirm, you will see your Acceptance under the Memberships section of your Groups Tab.


Where do I find all my Forum activity?

All your Forum activity is under your Forum Tab

How do I keep track of events I’ve entered?

On the Events tab you will see any events you have entered on Events I’m Attending.  If you want to list an event you will have to register as an  event organiser.  You can cancel any event entries from here but you must contact the event organiser direct  to arrange  a refund if applicable.


How do I manage my privacy settings?

The Settings tab in your Tack Room enables you to manage your privacy settings.  Click on the General tab to change your password, the Email tab helps you control when you would like emails notifying you of activity on the site, Profile gives you options as to who can see your information (you can also do this through  the Edit tab in Profile) and Delete Account does exactly what it says!  Please let us know if you are unhappy with Riders Like Me by emailing hello@riderslikeme.co.uk as we don’t want to lose you!


Where will I find my list of favourite business or horses/ponies/equestrian properties/events/horseboxes and trailers for sale adverts?

Find your horses and ponies for sale favourites here in the Favourites tab in your Tack Room.  If you have favourited any businesses listed on the directory they will be listed here as well as Events, Property and Transport.





Where do I list and manage my Directory listings?


Directory in your Tack Room is the place to list and manage all your RLM Directory listings.  For more information on how to upload a Directory listing, please see ‘How do I add my business onto the RLM Directory?’


How do I add my business to RLM Directory and what does it cost?

It’s quick and easy to add your business to the RLM Directory. It’s currently completely free to list your business.   You can add your business by clicking on the Add My Business to the Directory button on the Directory page. This will take you to your Tack Room and the Directory tab. Or you can just go straight to your Tack Room.
The Add Listings tab gives you a series of boxes to complete . Click Add Listing to set up your Directory listing
1. Add you title – this is what will be displayed on your main listing
2. Upload your main photo – your logo or a photo, this is also what will be displayed on your main listing
3. Add your text – the explanation of what your business does. You can add more photos and videos her by clicking on the media button and uploading files
4. Add your business details – there is no additional charge to show your address, telephone and website details . When clients click on your email address they will be taken to your website. Your address details will then bring up a map on your listings to help clients find you.
5. After clicking Publish My Listing  your listing will be live.
7. You can edit your listing at any time through the Directory Tab in your Tack Room
When any customer or client reviews and rates your business you will get an email. You can check how many reviews you have received by looking at My Listings.
You can also comment on any Forum posts from your professional perspective.


What happens when my business is rated and reviewed?

When your business is rated and reviewed you will receive an email.  You can then respond to comments if you wish.


How do I search for my local suppliers or equestrian practitioners?

Use the Search function on the Directory.  Click on the category you need, you will then find 2 search sections – one for county and one for category.  Search results are displayed in order of ratings.  Don’t forget to review the equestrian businesses you use!


How do I rate and review equestrian businesses?

When you click through onto an equestrian business of your choice you will see a  ‘Review this Business’ message  at the bottom of the screen.  Click here and write your review.  You will need to review first and you will then be able to rate this business. You can rate by clicking on the rating button of your choice.  Comments are published immediately and are subject to the rules detailed in our Terms and Conditions.


How do I find out which event venues might suit me and my horse?

You can search for venues or clubs in your area and read reviews other Riders have posted helping you decide which is the right training or competition for you. Choose your category and/or location and hit search. Search results are displayed in order of ratings. Don’t forget to post your own reviews as well!


How do I rate and review my event venues?

When you click through onto a venue or club/society  of your choice you will see a ‘Review this business’ message at the bottom of the screen. Click here and write your review. You will need to review first and will then be able to rate your venue.  You can rate by clicking on the rating button of your choice.  Comments are published immediately and are subject to the rules detailed in our Terms and Conditions.






As an Event Organiser how do I list an event?

After registration,  start by listing your event centre, club or society onto the Directory and added any of your event Locations through the Locations tab in Tack Room Events.
1. Go to Events I’m Organising in Tack Room Events. Click on Add an Event.
2. Enter your Event Name and upload an image
3. Enter your event date(s) . If it is a recurring event, click on the recurring event button, choose how often and when your event occurs  and your event will be published multiple times
4. Choose your start times or click on all day
5. Add you location. If you have already saved a location once you type in Location name your details will appear. Any new locations you add will automatically be saved for next time.
6. Choose your event category. Your event will then be listed in the relevant Event Category (e.g. Unaffiliated Dressage)
7. Add your event details. Please include a general description, any start/finish times, your refunds/withdrawals policy (if applicable) and a description of any special payments (e.g. first aid). You can also upload your schedule  and any other documents here.

8.  If you do not wish to enable online payments, click on ‘Submit Your Event’ – your event is now live.

Your event will still show in the Event Listings but competitors will not be able to book a space through Riders Like Me. If you are taking postal entries/entries from another source as well as on line entries through Riders Like Me you will then need to click on Enable Registration. (see ‘How do I add bookings received elsewhere’ for more information on adding bookings yourself).

9. To add individual classes/training slots or tickets click on Class/Ticket edit. Add the name of your class, the class description, including any timings, and the price. If you have different rates for members and non-members add a non member surcharge for each   class (You must ensure that the number of spaces corresponds to the number of spaces in that class unless you want to limit the number of spaces available for non-members). If you want to charge for first aid add this as a separate class. If you have a limit to your class size or training group add no. of spaces. Save this class and Add a new ticket. Repeat until all your classes/sessions/tickets are listed.
10. Details of your event – If you want to limit the number of entries /tickets per booking add a maximum spaces per booking number. The booking cut off point is the closing date for entries. If you leave this blank bookings will be open until the start time of your event.

11.  Add your Paypal email – this should be the Paypal email address linked to the account you want entries paid into.  You will be paid directly – Riders Like Me take no monies.   You will incur Paypal charges for all entries made but there is no service charge and no bookings fee for Riders.

12.  You can add any coupons you have already set up (see ‘How do I set up coupons and vouchers’ underneath).
13. Submit your event – your event is now live!

How do I set up coupons and vouchers?

You can offer discounts or vouchers to any of your competitors by setting up a coupon.  Click on ‘My Coupons’ under the Events tab and then on ‘Add Coupon’.  Give your coupon a name and a code.  You will have a unique  number (shown here) allocated to your account which will be automatically added to your coupon code to prevent duplication.  You can specify how many users and valid dates for each coupon.

Click on ‘View Coupons’ to see how many have been redeemed.

To activate a coupon, when you enable bookings you will see a ‘Show Coupons’ button underneath your Paypal address.  Click here and you can select all the coupons you wish to use for your event.

How do I edit my event?

You can edit your event any time by going to Events I’m Organising and clicking on Edit /cancel Event.  Once you have saved your changes and re-submitted, your changes will be live.


How do I notify event attendees of any changes to my event?

You will need to email them using the ‘Email competitors’ button for each even.


How do I publicise my event through Riders Like Me?

We will feature latest events through our social media pages for free.   If you want to advertise your event on the site or through our newsletters, please contact us for details on hello@riderslikeme.co.uk


How do I check who has entered my event?


Firstly every time you receive an entry you will be emailed with the details.

Click on Events I’m Organising in the Events tab in your Tack Room. All your events listed will show here. You will see three buttons under each event -‘Edit/Cancel event’, Manage Bookings’ and ‘Add Offline Entry. Click on ‘Manage Bookings’
You will then see a table of everybody who has entered your event so far.

Clicking on the name of the person who has booked will show you a list of all their entries
You will also see all their contact information .

Click on the CSV button and your entries will download into a spreadsheet.


What information does a Rider input for me to see?

The person booking the entries or tickets must enter their contact details. They will also need to complete Rider and Horse information for all the people they are booking for. This includes the rider name, horse name, any affiliated body they are a member of and corresponding numbers (including ROR numbers) and if they are a riding club or pony club member. There is also space for any special requests or notes. If there is any further information that you need for your event please let us know and we can add it to our entry form.


How do I amend or update event entries?

Click on Events I’m organising and under the event you are interested in, click on Manage Bookings
You can click on edit/view next to individual bookings if you want to change the status of the booking. You have 4 status’s to choose from, Approved, Rejected (use for example if the class is full when you receive entry or if an entry withdraws),  Pending  and  Awaiting payment. Once a payment has been received, the  booking is automatically confirmed and a space reserved. If you Approve a booking, it is confirmed, a space reserved and an email automatically sent.  You can resend emails to entrants if you change any status, for example if you have received their payment and change their booking to approved, RLM Events will send an automatic email to them. If you reject a booking after approval, payment will not be returned automatically.

If you choose to edit the booking you will also see all the details that your competitor has entered.  You can update their entry information but you cannot update their contact information .  Clicking on modify booking will save any changes.
You can also confirm an offline payment here. (This will does not mean any payment is transferred to you through Paypal)

How do I refund payments?

You can refund  entries through Paypal or manually.  If a rider cancels their booking, refunds are NOT automatic.

How do I add bookings to my event received elsewhere?

You can manually add bookings to your event .
1. Go to Events I’m Organising and click on Add offline Entry.
2. Choose the relevant class
3.  Enter the Rider and Horse details
4. Enter payments received – If you click on Fully Paid, a place will be reserved.  If not, their space will be pending until you confirm payment.
5. Send your booking. The booking will be added to your entries and your attendee will automatically receive an email confirmation that you have received  their entry and if they have paid, that they have a confirmed space.


How do I download a list of event entries?

Go to ‘Manage Bookings’ for your chosen event and click on the CSV Icon .  You will see a list of information.  Drag and drop your relevant information to the left hand side and then click on ‘Export Bookings’.  Your entry information will be downloaded into a spreadsheet that you will find in your Downloads.

How do I cancel an event?

You cannot cancel and event if you still have live bookings.  You will firstly need to go to Manage Bookings and then Reject all your live bookings.  Your competitors will receive an email notifying them that their entry has been rejected and to contact you for more information.  Then go back to Click on Edit/Cancel event .  Scroll down to the bottom of the listings and click on Cancel Event.   You will be asked to confirm you wish to cancel.  Click on OK – your Event will now show as cancelled in the Tack Room of any rider who has entered.

As an event organiser, club or society, how do I deal with refunds?


Your refund policy must be clearly communicated when you list an event. Riders Like Me do not issue refunds. If you wish to issue refunds you will need to  do this via Paypal or contact the rider direct to make the payment. Their contact details can be viewed by clicking on their entry in ‘Events I’m Organising – Manage Bookings’. Please see our terms and conditions for more details.


What does it cost to process on line entries?

Riders Like Me do not charge any processing fees for on line entries. It completely free for Riders and Event Organisers only pay Paypal charges.

How do I search and enter events on line and what does it cost?
It ‘s quick and easy to enter events through Riders Like Me and there are NO BOOKING CHARGES.
1. Go to the Events section and search and select the event you wish to enter or book. You can read reviews of the venue/club or society on the Directory to help you decide if this is the right place for you.
2. Click on the ‘Enter this event’ button and choose the class or section for you and the number of spaces you require. If you choose more than one space you can book for other people as well. You will need to complete the rider information for each person who you are booking for.
3. Don’t forget to select first aid or any other extra’s that are applicable.

4. Complete the contact details of the form and send your booking. Once your booking has been sent the event organiser will receive your details and be able to contact you if necessary.
5. If the event is free or pay on the day you will not be required to fill in payment details. You will receive a confirmation email detailing your entries.
6. If the event is pay online ,you will be redirected to Paypal. There are no extra charges from RLM so you just pay your entry fee. Once you have confirmed payment you will receive a confirmation email detailing your entry and a confirmation email from Paypal.
7. The event organiser can decline your entry if the class is already full. You will receive a message and email to confirm this has happened. You can make a comment on this event and the event organiser can get back to you or you can send them a message from your Tack Room if you are friends.
8. Your entry will show in your Activity Feed in your Tack Room. It will also show in your RLM friends’ tack rooms so they will know where you are going!
9. If your event organisers cancel your event you will receive an email confirming they have rejected your booking.  This will not automatically refund your entry.  You need to contact the event organiser direct to organise your refund if applicable
Happy training and competing!


How do I cancel an on line entry?

Go to your Tack Room and click on the ‘Events’ tab. Go to ‘Events I’m attending and select the relevant event.  You can change the status of your entry from ‘Approved’ to ‘Cancelled’. The event organiser will receive an email with the details.    This does not automatically refund your payment. You will have to contact the event organiser to see if you are eligible for a refund. You can message them through your Tack Room if you are friends or contact them direct.


 For Sale


Where do I list  and manage my horses/ponies/horseboxes/trailers /equestrian property adverts?

For Sale in your Tack room is the place to list and manage all your adverts for Horses and Ponies for sale, horseboxes or trailers and equestrian property.  For more information on how to upload a free ad, please see ‘How do I place a free ad’ .


How do I place a free ad to sell my horse, pony, horsebox or trailer or equestrian property?

RLM For Sale is the place to post your free ad for your horse, pony, horsebox or trailer, and when we say free- we really mean it! Ad’s are listed for 4 weeks to keep things fresh and you can re list as many times as you need to. You can add photo’s, videos and contact details completely free. Our comprehensive search facility will allow potential buyers to find your ad even if it is a couple of weeks old and they can favourite your ad to their tack room so it doesn’t get lost.
You can place an ad through clicking on ‘Place a Free Ad’ on the  For Sale page which will then take you to your Tack Room – Create New Ad tab on your  For Sale section, or, you can go direct to your Tack Room and place your ad.

Writing your ad.
1. Add your title in the title box
2. Select your featured image.
3. Choose the main category for your ad.
4. Add your text – you can format your ad by using the visual symbols displayed above the text section – just highlight the section of text you want to change and click on the appropriate sign.
5. Add photo’s and videos – click on the media button above the text box and it will open a new screen. You can drag and drop images straight into the space or upload from your saved files. You can also embed Youtube link.
6. Select the appropriate categories for your ad. These will be important for buyers searching for your horse, pony, horsebox or trailer.
7. Click on publish my ad. – your ad will appear in  For Sale immediately
8. You can then edit, end or delete your ad in your Tack Room on the For Sale tab


How do I search for my new horse/pony/horsebox/trailer or equestrian property?

Fill in the search criteria you need on For Sale.  You can also  click on the name of the Riders Like Me member who is listing the advert  and you will see any other advert they have posted.  You can favourite any ad by clicking on the Add Favourite button  and it will save to your Tack Room.  You can also message the seller direct for more information.






How do I sell my tack and kit on RLM Marketplace and what does it cost?

As a current member of Riders Like Me you must firstly sign up with a NEW registration to Riders Like Me Marketplace and create your profile. Everyone will then be able to see who they are buying from. You can amend your profile and privacy settings at any time.
You will need a Premium or Business Paypal account to sell any item through Riders Like Me Marketplace. You will then have protection through the Paypal dispute process. If you have problems upgrading your account please let us know and we can send you more information.
If you want to sell an item, simply place your ad for free and it will appear on Riders Like Me Marketplace immediately to all. You can pick one or both of the delivery options for the buyer to decide on ( post /pick up ) Buyers can post questions on your item for everyone to see. Once a buyer has sent payment via Paypal you will need to accept the payment sent by your buyer. You do this through the Messages section. Once accepted your item is sold.  Currently,  Riders Like Me  do not take any commission on your sale.  5% commission will be taken by Riders Like Me from 1.1.2017  on the sold price (excluding delivery).  Paypal also charge a commission fee (roughly 3% of the cost of item). If you are posting your item, please make sure it is sent promptly – within 5 days. We highly recommend using a ‘signed for’ or a ‘proof of delivery’ system, for your own protection.
Buyers are able to rate you as a seller and their feedback will be available for all.


How do I buy tack and kit through RLM Marketplace and what does it cost?

As a current member of Riders Like Me you must additionally sign up to Riders Like Me Marketplace and create your profile. Everyone will then be able to see who they are buying from and selling to. You can amend your profile and privacy settings at any time. If you just want to browse through any items for sale there is no need to register , but if you wish to buy you must register as a member.

As a buyer you can message sellers openly through the site to get more details about your chosen item. Conversations are visible to all members of Riders Like Me Marketplace. When you buy an item please make sure you understand from your seller their postage details and dates.

You can pay for any purchase using your Paypal account or a debit card. If your seller has a PayPal business account, you may also have the option to pay by credit card. Your seller can choose to decline your payment if the item has already been sold.

You can review your seller and your comments will be seen by all.




How do I post  or reply to a Forum?


You have to be a member of Riders Like Me to post or reply to a Forum.
Go to the Forums section of the site and choose your category. To start a new topic, find the category , scroll to the bottom (if posts already exist) where you will find a’Create a new Topic’ box . Add a title, some content and photo’s and submit.
To reply to an existing post, write your reply and submit. You can be notified of follow-up replies by ticking the box.
Save a post that interests you to the Forum tab in your Tack Room by clicking on Favourite on the right hand side above the post. Alternatively Subscribe to the whole topic and it will also save to your Tack Room.





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